September 20, 2005

9:00 pm

Day 62

Dear Big Brother,

Its day 62 of my so called big brother life at my own house. Nah, I don’t have 27 cameras all over the house, no 12 housemates (it’s just me, my bro, and the bitch paw-paw, literally and figuratively), and definitely no weekly tasks to do. I have TV, radio, cell phone and others. So why the hell did I call it Big Brother life then? Because I can! And what is the point of Big Brother anyway? To drive people nuts? But why? Cassandra’s hot by the way. (Yes, I watch Big Brother- what’s your point?)

Anyway, the fact that I’m a bum and living with my “kuya” (we got kicked out of our parents house) perfectly fits my Bog Brother life. Nothing could be worse than being a bum with a college degree huh? Silence means yes. Well, there go the tuition and the years of striving for honors. My parents assumed that being a graduate; I can take care of myself so now I’m no longer a beneficiary of weekly allowance. Financial independence was my main goal in college but since I am currently unemployed, I have no choice but to follow the rules. Pangload nga pahirapan pa eh. Parents do assume too much these days huh? Just kidding mom!

And unlike my other batch mates that were already employed by different hospitals, facing the morning traffic, shifting schedules, bundy clock, demanding doctors and pain-in-the-ass patients, while I, on the other hand welcome 10 am wake-up time and TV all afternoon. Life has never been this sweet – and hard.

I have realized that the reason I am what I am now is that I do not truly know what I really want. Or maybe I just read that somewhere, who knows? Drama. Drama. Drama.

It was nearly 9:30 pm so I called my friend Nate.

“Hello,” answered a voice.

Tol, start na!” I said.

Alam ko,” Nate replied. “Hehe, tol si Noreen kasama si Kevin.”

Ilipat mo yan!” I thundered. “Big brother sinasabi ko!”

Ah ok! Ok! Cute ni JB tol.” Nate said.


Si Say! Bingi ka na tol..”

After watching Bog brother, I switched channels waiting for the sandman to take me away. Suddenly something came to my mind. I don’t wanna have this Big brother life anymore. I don’t wanna waste another 100 days waiting for a job to fell on my lap. I need to do something. The next thing I knew I’m in front of the pc and went job hunting. I spent the next 30 minutes or so passing my resume online. Two days later I received a call telling me of my initial interview and exam.

By day 65 I was evicted at the Big brother house. I was officially part of the work force.

So long Big brother life!

Welcome real world.

Or should I say beware…


Mack, 20, graduated with a bachelors degree in nursing and hopes to be one of the 12 housemates in the second season of Pinoy Big Brother.


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