Starbucks Planner ’08

Its Christmas time again and the hunt for the 2008 Starbucks Planner begins. I started my tradition of collecting their planner last year when I discovered my love for coffee. So every day, after work, I go straight to Starbucks Luisita alone, sometimes with Jerg or Chino (I made them libre para lang samahan ako. Dang.) to chug down cups and cups of coffee. Hehe. Yes I’m addicted. What’s your point?

Anyway, for this year you have to accumulate a total of twenty four (24) stickers to get the Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee Planner. 12 stickers from Starbucks featured Christmas beverages and 12 stickers from Starbucks beverage of your choice. How cool is that? Hehe.

Last year I was able to get 2 planners, one for myself and the other for Ate Sey (Jerg’s sister) as my Christmas gift. It is so nice and presentable so it’s a perfect gift to anyone. It’s harder now coz last year, you only have to complete 21 stickers but I’ll try my best to have at least 3 planners. Whew!

promo card for this year.lapit na mapuno! yey!

promo card for this year.lapit na mapuno! yey!


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