I’ve always wanted a Jenga ever since I played it with my friends years ago. And every time my birthday comes, I always asked them to give it to me as a gift. But I never received it. (La ako pera pambili eh. Hehe) So I totally forgot about it. Until today.

My brother and I were at Festival City to pick up his gf Jec from work (Bebe) but we were early so we strolled around the mall first to kill time. While coming out of the Converse store I saw Toys R’Us so we went there after. The store was huge! I was excited and all to see all those toys. (23 ka na uy!) And there it was on one of their shelves. My eyes literally lit up when I saw it. Jenga. Jenga. Jenga. Hehe. So I made kulit to my kuya to buy it for me.

It made my day. Hehe. Babaw!

mahal ko na to promise

mahal ko na to promise

From wiki:

Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill in which players remove blocks from a tower and put them on top. The word jenga is derived from kujenga, the Swahili verb “to build”)


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