Saw the news of the reunion concert of the Eraserheads. Somehow I got all excited coz finally its happening. But then again I won’t be able to see it coz I’m in freakin Dubai. Hehe. So I just settled myself listening to their songs. From Pare Ko, Toyang, Tindahan Ni Aling Nena of Ultraelectromagneticpop to Magasin, Alapaap, Minsan, With a Smile of their Circus album, which is my favorite btw. I remember having a cassette tape of Circus during high school. And the song Minsan brings back all my high school memories. Talk about trip down memory lane. Hehe

I spent four years of my life at Tarlac High and I must say it was a blast. It was a combination of work and lots and lots of fun. And of course, sooo much drama. It’s like one big soap opera. When you’re in high school, every little problem seems so much bigger than it really is. (One time we had to argue whether or not we should change the name of our group. Tropang D? Or DC?)

Drama, emotions, change, politics, tears and broken hearts. Welcome to a world where everyone lies and talk about each other. Well not everyone I guess. It really depends on your perspectives. After all, high school is about creating balance between fun, academics and status. It’s not only about getting an education and getting into a good college. Its all about making memories and good times that will last forever.


To all members of Tropang D:  Wondering whatever happened to the RECORD Book?  I have it and its up for grabs. Contact me if interested. Hehe

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