Learned something new today while browsing the internet. I am a possum sleeper. Curling up and falling asleep when i feel overwhelmed with emotions. Yep, i do that a lot especially when anxiety strikes in. It started ever since I was hospitalized. I dont like being awake to think about it, so I’ll go to sleep. I even took pills for a while. Sometimes I sleep for 10-12 hours but I feel as if I am sleeping my life away. Is that bad? Using sleep to escape uncomfortable emotions, boredom and reality in general? I’ve also noticed that the more bummed out I am the more likely I am to want to go to bed. Hehe. Maybe not having a job causes all these. Hmmm. Hindi siguro.

Anyways, I’m off to bed. It’s 8 pm. Damn

Post pahabol:

Some studies have found that sleeping nine hours or more a night may have a negative impact on health. However, the evidence is not clearly as data showing that too little sleep (four to five hours) can lead to illness, accidents and lowered productivity.


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