A day in the life

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. But which side is right anyway? Ha! I had this dreaded feeling that something is gonna go wrong or somone will screw up my entire day. Waking up heavy headed (after 8 hours of sleep?) is not a good start. Then I turned on the TV and saw that Bolante, the alleged architect of the P728 million fertilizer fund scam went to a hospital instead of jail. Leche cia! They were claiming that his blood pressure spiked and he was complaining of chest pains. So lame! That is just guilt talking kamo. But enough of politics. Hehe. Did enjoy breakfast though. Had fried rice, egg, danggit and gatas ng kalabaw (to die for combination). And a nice conversation with papa. Checked on my phone to see 3 missed calls, apparently the battery went dead (again) and I might have to buy a new one. Which I cant do coz I’m broke. Nice. Spent the rest of the day catchin up on Prison Break ( Season 4 is way exciting than Season 3) and Naruto. Asuma is dead! Aargh. And I started rereading HP Half Blood Prince, in preparation for the upcoming movie. Lapit na, July next year? Hehe. Then at about 7pm I went to see Jerg and we had coffee (libre nya), catchin up on things. Robinsons Tarlac is almost finish btw (it’s beside Starbucks). Jerg was telling me how tired his work was. 13 hour shift is taking a toll out of him. He gained some weight though unlike a few months before. He’s thinking of quitting his job and pursue our great plans. Haay. We and our great plans. Hope it works out for us.

Post pahabol:

The hunt for Starbucks Planner 2009 will start on November 4. Cant wait. Kahit isa lang Lord. :p

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